Picture Talking : One Special Someone

Gambar diambil dari sini
Fri 30/9 (11:12 am)

Everyone has one special someone in their life
It's not a matter of how long we've known that person
But it's more like how s/he makes us feel
Everytime we're with that one special someone

If we're lucky, we might spend the rest of our life with that person
But most of us doesn't have that privilege
For we only know him/her for a short while
But forever our life has changed

That person has touched our heart in a way no one ever does
Showing us that there's more to life than our ownselves
Bring out to surface the side of us we don't even know existed
And paint a little more colour in our little own world

Oh how faith has finally remembered to be friendly with me
When she let our paths crossed and I got to know you
I don't know how long you're gonna be part in my life and how it's gonna end
But one thing I know, you're that one special someone I will always treasure in my life

Fri 30/9 (1:28 pm)


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