Picture Talking : 3 Angels

*the three angels are about sprinkling their magic wands on you*
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Thu 28/4 (1:48 pm)

Angel 1 : I'm the Angel of Peace and I'm so concern with the neverending unpeacefulness in the place where you live. When are you people gonna realize that being different is not a sin! You're different one another but even in your differences, you might be surprised to find that beneath them all, you're not that different at all! Therefore.. I'm gonna lift what has been covering your eyes all these times so hopefully you might be able to see clearly and start living in peace one another.

*waving her wand to the people on Earth*

Angel 2 : I'm the Angel of Love. Many people think that you have to understand someone first in order to love that person but.. what works for me is the other way around. When you love someone, you will try your hardest to understand them even when they are so not understandable. You will do anything to make sure that the person you love is happy. It's not that hard to love someone.. maybe what prevents you all these time in loving them is because you focus too much on their weaknesses, on their negative sides instead of appreciating their positive and strong sides! So you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna fill your heart with so much loves, so much that it will make you feel like you're gonna explode if you're not reach out for others to share the love you feel inside.

*also waving her wand for the people on Earth*

Angel 3 : And I'm the Angel of Creativity. I'm gonna make you see so many possibilities so you won't get stuck in just one way only. There are so much things to explore in your ownselves to make you realize how very worthy of person you really are! There are so many doors to knock on, you shouldn't just stop and wondering of the one closed door that gets in the way. Never stop learning and on the right time you, too, will bloom like all the others before you. Do your best, have faith and just enjoy the process. There's nothing bad coming out from loving what you do.

*waving her wand for the people on Earth before disappearing with the other two angels*

Thu 28/4 (2:34 pm)


  1. :) Gw suka membayangkannyaaa... Bisa nih untuk panggung boneka anak-anak sekolah minggu ^_^

  2. Very wise angels :-)

    love: we tend to look for what's not there although we know we'll get disappointed and disappoint others.

    creativity: people tend to avoid changes, no?

    This piece is just so very much Indah :-)