Sunday, August 14, 2011

Picture Talking : Sending All My Love

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Thursday 9/9'10 (7:19 pm)

Dear Love,

How are you doing there?

Are you good? Hope you're in good shape like I am here.

I miss you, Love.. it has been a while since the last time we met.

I hate the fact that we live so very far away from each other.

I want it so bad to be able to see you each and everyday for the rest of my life!

Do you still remember the last time we went to the sea together?

We spent our time from dawn til midnight and I laughed seeing you so red and burnt.

I loved seeing sunset, it was beautiful but I know I find it beautiful because I've got you beside me to enjoy the beauty of nature together.

When will you come to see me again, Love?

I promise that time I won't put any cheese in your sandwiches, instead I'll give you extra eggs and mayo, just the way you like it.

I miss you, Love.. I guess I've said it before but I miss you so that feels like I'm gonna explode if I don't say those words again.

I miss spending time with you, seeing your smile, looking deep within your eyes, feeling your heartbeats when I lay my head..

You're the only one I want in my life, Love, and I know my life wouldn't be complete without you in it.

Promise me you will take a very good care of yourself, Love, so I can see you again when you get the chance to fly and see me here.

I will always be waiting for you.. don't let me wait for long and in vain, Love.. come as soon as you can..

I'm gonna end this letter now and seal it with a kiss.. my prayers will always be with you, Love.

Until we meet again..

Yours forever,


Thursday 9/9'10 (9:04 pm)