Picture Talking : The Bridge

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We used to come here
Anytime we wanted to see each other
Right here, in the middle of the bridge

He held me tight in his arms
And whispered softly in my ears
That he loved me
And he would never let me go

His words warmed me inside
And always made my heart sing a joyful song
I never said a word
To say to him what I truly felt
I just laid my head closer
To hear the beat of his heart
And hugged him like there was no tomorrow

He always kissed me before we parted
The day must come to an end
And the moon must give ways to the sun

I could always recall
The soft breeze of the night wind
The glistening river under the moonlight
The beautiful wild flowers along the riverside

The moon that shone ever so brightly
And the glowing stars that twinkled cheerfully
Like a sign of encouragement for us
To hold on to what we've got in our lifes

But time goes by
And change comes in the way
Not giving any chances for things
To be the same like before

For now each time I remember the things
That would bring smile on my face
They have switched into tears
And no matter how hard I've tried
To hold them back from falling
They still slipped away from my eyes
And came down on my cheeks

Why did he go away?
Why did he leave all the promises behind?
And left me wondering about what I did wrong

I still come here hoping to see a glimpse of him
And some answers for the remaining questions
That popped in my head in my sleepless nights
Since he has been gone

Ahh.. it's almost time for morning
To come and kiss the moon goodbye
I must go now and become the mist of the dawn

But I surely will come back again
To this very bridge when the sun sets
To see if my man will finally come one day
Because he remembers me
Like I have never forgotten him
Up until the end..

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  1. A sad yet romantic poem, Indah.
    Who's the careless man? Is he worth waiting for?
    Why some people let themselves live in the shadow of the past? Is the future too frightening?

  2. sometimes people do not want to let go the past, simply because it is way too beautiful to be forgotten..