Will you...?

I always sit there in that same room
Day after day...
Though I am surrounded by others
Someone who poke me suddenly
Someone who just took whatever I am holding in my arm
Someone who stroke my hair
Someone who gave me hugs
But I always feel alone

I long for someone
Who will always give me their hugs
Who will always love me for what I am
Who will not walk away from me whatever the reason
Who will always have me in their life
And in their heart there is a place for me

Everyday I only saw different people
Come and goes just like the wind
They give me comfort for a while
Then after that short time
They walked away again
Then I am trying again
To look for someone special
Will that someone be you?

I am wondering at you...whoever you are...
Wherever you are...
Will you come and stay for me?
Will you give me your arms and never let go?
Will you take me with you?
Will you save me from here?
Will you give me a place for me to come home?
Will you be there for me when I need you the most?
Will you just love and love me?


  1. Bilmunya dipake nih.. ilmu kepepet hahaha

  2. Karena ditulis pakai bahasa Inggris, emosinya terasa. Padahal, kejeniusan tema puisi ini pada kesahajaannya. Apakah memang bahasa Inggris lebih perasa? Juga lebih bersahaja? Ah, saya hanya ingin menikmati puisi ini saja....


  3. Mbak Elly, wakakakakakakaaa... kan itu (konon) berasal dari hati paling dalam.

  4. No @Ge I will not marry you :D

    To others: Thank you all for dropping by :)

  5. Hahahaha... OK Ria, will you adopt me, instead?